Darkness Falls: They mostly come out at night... (2024)

Ok folks, I promised an experimental release after my stream was done.

It is now done, so here you go.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS AN EXPERIMENTAL! There will be bugs. There will be balance issues. Myself and the team have done our best to squash any bugs that would stop your progress and enjoyment of the mod. Hopefully any bug fixing should not cause a save restart, but please remember that SAVE RESTARTS ARE A POSSIBILITY!

If you cannot accept the above, do not download the experimental.

Also, NO THIS IS NOT ON THE MOD LAUNCHER! I never release experimentals on the mod launcher. Please review my manual install video (yes it's for A20 but the method is the same) and do that instead: https://youtu.be/3ku2GZr1x2Y

With all the warnings and everything out of the way, here's your patch notes. Darkness Falls: They mostly come out at night... (1)

Darkness Falls V5.0 DEV Build 1-17 Patch Notes.

- Updated DF C# patches for A21.1 compatibility.
- Updated DF XML for A21.1 compatibility.
- Updated SCore for A21.1 compatibility.
- Updated BiomePrefabExclusion for A21.1 compatibility.
- Updated OcbWaypointIcons for A21.1 compatibility.
- Updated Quartz for A21.1 compatibility.
- Remade all zombies with a new controller for A21.1 compatibility.
- Added Zilox's tintable zombie material mod.
- Added new crafting perks.
- Added dew collector to Basic Farming level 2.
- Added Coilturrets.
- Added Laser Turrets.
- Added new recipe for jerky that uses the workbench and only makes 1.
- Added Military Stealth Boots recipe unlock to Master Hunter.
- Added stealth versions of all military armor and added unlock to Master Hunter.
- Added Titanium-Reinforced Kevlar Armour (Light version of titanium).
- Added a patch that sets vehicles to UNLOCKED by default on placement, not locked.
- Added a "lockpicked" version of all secure loot blocks with better loot than just smashing it open.
- Added a patch that allows the player to place blocks faster while building (Prefab Editor speed).
- Added POTENTIAL fix for the arc gun repeating sound after firing has ended.

- Added Tobi's rifle tweaks.
- Added IDC's trader waypoint mod to stop scouts being auto-added and to allow players to remove trader waypoints.
- Added recipe for the Laser Workbench that needs a portal power source and more resources, but can be made in the metal workbench.
- Added Gamestage and Loot bonuses at night for all biomes (forest does not have a GS bonus, only a loot bonus).
- Added IDC's mod that prevents users from loading vanilla worlds and thus being without DF POI's.
- Added IDC Core and IDC's Advanced Dew Collector (renamed to Dew Collector and replaces the vanilla one).
- Added IDC's progression patch that allows customizable XP requirements per level, and customizable skill points per level (players now get 2 points every 10 levels).
- Added IDC's gamestaged screamers.
- Added Demonic and Empowered Demonic Screamers.
- Added Titanium Darts to the Junk Turret.
- Added corpse removal effect to explosives to help with corpse clean up.
- Fixed hand item on Demonic Vulture (Hellpidgeon) so it can actually fireball now.
- Fixed encumbrance being wrong, and also made it worse than V4 so people need to be more careful.
- Fixed missing recipe for high powered barrel mod.
- Fixed Broodmother mutated spider not applying radiation on fireball explosion instead of fire.
- (KySoto) Fixed Reflex Sights on Coilguns, Laser Guns and probably others.
- (KySoto) Fixed ADS on Coilguns, Laser Guns and probably others.
- Fixed reflex sight on the M4A1 so it should be more likely to sit on top of the post.
- Fixed laser sights and flashlights on all guns with TFP provided settings.
- Fixed camera locking at Caitlin's waist when you talk to her.

- Changed first laborer quest to gather wood.
- Changed second laborer quest to craft and place frame shapes.
- Changed Spear Master 4 to grant entity penetration with power attacks, rather than mobility.
- Increase physical damage resistance of all behemoths and titans, both incubi, both succubi and Lord of Hell. Reasoning: They have lower HP and you can overcome it with the armor shredder ammo mod so it's something the player can be tactical about.
- Removed a lot of unnecessary perks due to new crafting perks.
- Combined the "electric trap" perks into 1 perk.
- Coil weapons no longer have bonus damage to demons, but DO disable demonic regen.
- Empowered demons now REQUIRE laser for regen to be disabled (coil won't work).
- Coilturrets ALSO disable demonic regen, but not empowered.
- Laser weapons with normal energy cells now deal +100% damage to demons.
- Overcharged energy cells now deal +200% damage to demons.
- Tailoring station recipe for Jerky makes 2.
- Increased Jerky stack size to 20.
- Increased heat/cold resistance of The Survivor to 10/lvl. This is the same as the basic mods that go in armor, so level 5 of the perk gives heat/cold resist as if you had 5 of the heat and 5 of the cold resist mods installed in armor.
- Increased disease reisstance of The Survivor to 20%/lvl, with level 5 granting immunity. Diseases are Dysentry, Food Poisoning and Pneumonia. (Others may get added later)
- Lowered the bonus from Improved Element to 15% to see if it helps with some of the "instacraft" bugs in the forge.
- Demolition Expert now grants 5% explosion resistance per level.
- Adjusted Pulse Mine damage from 300 to 1200 like Pulse Rockets.
- Slightly lowered mobility penalty of leather armor to make it more viable at low levels.
- Slightly increased physical resistance of military stealth armor.

- Lowered the stamina reduction bonus from action skills on melee weapons and tools (As sexy rex is still a thing and stacking was causing infinite stamina).
- Increased the rounds per minute bonus on the pistols action skill to see if that helps pistols be more viable at higher gamestages.
- Increased the base player resistances to crits as it was kinda nuts in vanilla.
- Rebalanced mod slots so the tier of the item (stone/wood, scrap, iron, steel, titanium, laser) now matters. Items will have a max of 3+tier. Stone/wood is 0, laser is 5.
- Medical items should now stack healing correctly.
- Adjusted LootStage bonus of Quality Joe to account for new loot templates.
- Nights should be darker.
- Bunker doors are no longer invulnerable after being unlocked.
- Silencers can no longer be installed on laser weapons.
- Lowered all Hornet sounds by 50%.
- Lowered Menu Music by 50%.
- Lowered fruit tree spawn rate as it was a little nuts, especially in the desert.
- Changed Caitlin to a wilderness only spawn like she used to be back in the old days, plus it helps with RWG.
- Changed forged steel and titanium to no longer be locked/learnable, and re-locked arrows.
- Unlocked scrap weapons but increased craft costs.
- Standardized the "window width size" of all loot containers (except drone because it's special).
- Slightly increased the spawn rate of portals in the wasteland.
- Re-made animal spawns for Forest/Desert/Snow.
- Re-made zombie spawns for Forest/Desert/Snow.
- Reverted crowbar to DF 4.04 damage levels.

- Adjusted vomit zombies so their vomit spreads out more and should be a little easier to dodge.
- Arc gun can now chain it's stun effect up to 5 blocks from the initially hit target.
- Pain tolerance now affects how quickly the player recovers from untreated critical hits (like sprains/breaks).
- Physician now affects how quickly the player recovers from treated critical hits (like sprains/breaks).
- Erik's Hammer can now take the stun baton Repulsor Mod, because it's funny.
- Food and Water items now restore food and water over time and thus you can now "over eat" like in vanilla.
- Getting hit while infected, and thus making the infection worse, now causes wellness loss, rather than each stage of infection causing the loss. Hits that do not make the infection worse do not cause wellness loss.
- Added small bonus to harvesting fruit trees with Living off the Land perk to help compensate for the fact they can't downgrade anymore.
- Lowered the amount of zombies that spawn in big cities to help with FPS issues.
- Increased the respawn rate of zombies that spawn in big cities to try and keep the "crowded" feel while hopefully keeping the FPS gains.
- Adjusted scout quest rewards, specifically guns.
- Swapped Fusion Forge and Laser Workbench in the lab to non-working versions because of a TFP multiplayer bug.
- Made new blockplaceholders for trader prefabs and updated the traders due to a TFP muliplayer bug with working workstations on POI reset.
- Anna's quest now rewards a portal power source so you can open the door to her loot room and use the workbench in there.
- Increased chances of working forge and workbenches in traders.
- Decreased chances of working chemistry stations and cement mixers in traders.
- Updated Scout so she can teach the new crafting perks for money. Same cost per level as previous skills since money really isn't an issue.
- Advanced Mag Extender can now be installed on junk turrets.
- Weighted head, Metal chain, metal spikes and Barbed wire mods can now be installed in knuckles.


- Localization as per usual. Please post anything that seems odd or is missing.
- Zombies do not have custom loot lists right now.
- Loot is sort-of done so look for anything odd (other than zombies, as noted above).

Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ET5OWkBEwfMxxk_1RA-kGcZUEYthXM04/view?usp=sharing
Backup Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rzWUMrJuXC4p1occbldDerTKcHkzB1uD/view?usp=sharing
Backup Link 2: https://mega.nz/file/9jEwFb6D#_VvdStmdcxneRDk6YV1cyJMjustImFXyeUXHCYbOxT0

Bugs found and fixed while streaming (not included in this build, will be in B18)

- Fixed metal chain mod having wrong model.
- Fixed bowl of water not displaying water amount.
- Fixed the very hard to find NRE with quests.

Darkness Falls: They mostly come out at night... (2024)
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