Halmod's Last Survivors (Alpha 21 Overhaul) (2024)

At the start of the game, choose between 40 different Survivors to customize your initial load-out, weapons, tools, building materials, farming plots, workstations, first aids, etc.

Kill zombies, collect survivor's notes, craft magazines and perk books. Each time you read a magazine or book, you gain experience and are better prepared to face the unholy mess of evolved zombies.

Some zombies in this overhaul do not stay dead. As you venture further into the other biomes, you will encounter more of this zombie type. The only way to make sure that a grave zombie stays down is to double tap or cut off its limbs. This feature has a soft requirement on NOT using a mod that displays zombies' health.

Each biome has its own unique zombies with unique abilities, with the pine forest being the easiest (1 skull). For example, most zombies WALK during the day and night while they are inside the pine forest. Once you venture into the desert (2 skulls), you will notice that zombies are now RUNNING, even during day time. Eventually, you will find your way into the wasteland, and you will notice that they are now SPRINTING toward you. The zombies' new abilities will surprise you, and you may die because of it. Be safe out there, fellow survivor!

Now Introducing Halmod's Last Survivors!
Available in all the following Languages!
Cantonese (廣東話), French (français), German (Deutsch), Italian (italiano), Japanese (日本語), Korean (한국어), Mandarin (广东话), Polish (język polski), Portuguese (português), Russian (русский язык), Turkish (Türkçe), and Spanish (español).

Step into the world of Halmod where the aftermath of the H-Virus pandemic has left only a few survivors, including you. Fleeing from the mushroom clouds that mark the destruction of cities, you seek refuge in the countryside where human populations are sparse. However, upon arrival, you are confronted with the grim realization that the virus has transformed the remaining population into zombies. Your survival now rests solely on your ability to defend yourself and stay alive in this post-apocalyptic world. Fail to do so, and you risk becoming one of the undead yourself.

In this world, a haunting reminder of the past can be found in the notes left behind by those who succumbed to the zombie virus. These scribbled messages may be the only lifeline for the living, offering crucial insights into how to survive in a world overrun by the undead.

Survivor Notes can be used in a lengthy process to craft any crafting or perk book of your choice. These notes are obtained from scrapping perk books,

scavenging bags left behind by the undead, or searching loot containers within buildings. Don't overlook the potential of these notes as they can be a valuable resource.

At the start of the game, each player can pick from one of 18 combat classes. Once a class has been chosen, the player will receive items that were tailored to the class that they have chose. It is worth noting that each class possesses its own unique advantages based on the perk books; therefore, careful consideration is recommended when making a selection.

Last Survivors: Book Classes
Every class starts with a complete set of perk books

  • Brawler: Bar Brawling
  • Enforcer: Magnum Enforcer
  • Firefighter: The Fireman's Almanac
  • Gunslinger: Pistol Pete
  • Hunter: The Hunter's Journal
  • Infiltrator: Urban Combat
  • Liberator: Shotgun Messiah
  • Looter: Lucky Looter
  • Miner: The Art of Mining
  • Night Stalker: Night Stalker
  • Ranger: Ranger's Archery Guide
  • Scavenger: Wasteland Treasures
  • Soldier: Machine Gunner
  • Sniper: Sniper
  • Tech Junkie: Tech Junkie
  • Thief: The Great Heist
  • Tribal Warrior: Spear Hunter
  • ZU Batter: Batter Up!

Last Survivors: Magazine Classes
Every class starts with a combination of 30 magazines.

  • Athlete: Big Hitters
  • Blacksmith: Forge Ahead
  • Bowhunter: Bow Hunters
  • Builder: Handy Land
  • Raider: Tactical Warfare
  • Warrior: Sharp Sticks
  • Chef: Home Cooking Weekly
  • Cowboy: Handgun Magazine
  • Demolitionist: Explosive Magazine
  • Doctor: Medical Journal
  • Electrician: Wiring101
  • Farmer: Southern Farming
  • Armorer: Armored Up
  • Laborer: Get Hammered
  • Lumberjack: Tools Digest
  • Mechanic: Vehicle Adventure
  • Nomad: Shotgun Weekly
  • Fighter: Furious Fists
  • Scavenger: Scrapping4Fun
  • Scientist: Tech Planet
  • Thief: Knife Guy
  • Marksman: Rifle Weekly

Deadly Encounters

In the towns and cities of this world, various types of zombies have taken over, each with unique characteristics depending on region. Navigating through different region, from the pine forests to the wastelands, poses increasing challenges as you encounter more evolved zombies with enhanced abilities. The number of zombies has also significantly increased, making survival even more daunting.

Unlike before, killing wandering zombies no longer yields experience points for the player. Instead, they have a higher probability of dropping a loot bag with unique items, varying from zombie to zombie. However, zombies that lurk within buildings still grant experience points upon being eliminated.

Undead bosses. These zombie overlords come out to play at specific times of the day or night, and trust me, they're not messing around. But here's the thing - if you can take them down, you might just get your hands on some seriously valuable loot that could keep you alive for a lot longer. And who knows, you might even score some top-tier gear if you're lucky. Just remember, these zombies are sneaky, so keep your eyes peeled or you could end up as their next meal.

Recommended Play Settings
  • Halmod's Last Survivors is balanced around Nomad and Warrior difficulty. Increasing the difficulty beyond Warrior difficulty isn't for the faint of heart.
  • No loot respawn. The aim of Last Survivors is to progress into the next region or biome after all the supplies in the vicinity have been exhausted.
  • Loot abundance set to 100% or 200%. Any more and the world would be flooded with Survivor Notes, trivializing the survival aspect of the game world.
  • Experience gain set to 100% or 200%. Last Survivors is designed to lower the amount of experience the players gain to prevent gamestage from increasing too quickly.
  • No Blood Moon horde. Even with blood moon horde disabled, Halmod will spontaneously send hordes of zombies after the players. As the player(s) progresses in gamestage, these wandering hordes become more difficult.
  • Traders enabled. The traders are only closed for 2 hours during lunch time. Players can use the traders' bases as safe havens during the night. Zombies frequently drop old cash which are meant to be sold to the traders for Duke's coins and EXP.

It's recommended that the following mods should NOT be used in conjunction with Halmod's Last Survivors:

  • Floating health bar showing the zombie's health
  • Map markers showing where all the zombies are located
  • Changes to zombie or animal spawns in the wilderness (natural spawn)
  • Changes to the starting items
  • Changes to perk book effects

Mod Video Preview Alpha20 (featuring kic Gaming on YouTube)

Installing Halmod's Last Survivors

Download the zipped mod file, extract it, click on the newly created folder, find the 'Halmod's Last Survivors' folder, and drag it into the Mods folder inside your Drive/Users/<username>/AppData/.../7DaysToDie folder. If there isn't a Mods folder inside the 7DaysToDie folder, then create a new folder and name it Mods. Finally, put the 'Halmod's Last Survivors' folder inside the Mods folder. Start the game.

Halmod's Last Survivors (Alpha 21 Overhaul) (2024)
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