The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst) (2024)

The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst)

February 3, 2023

The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst) (10)

There's a reason why anytime you become a church volunteer or get a new job, you take a personality test to see where you fit within the team. Knowing your Enneagram type is a helpful tool to understand how to integrate best in a work environment!

In this blog post, I will be sharing careers where each of the9 Enneagram Types will thrive. But listen up because I don't want to lead anyone astray: any Enneagram type is capable of doing any job. The Enneagram is just a tool to help you understand yourself better. So if I say an Eight would be an awesome lawyer, that doesn't mean that there aren't some kick-ass Type Six lawyers out there.

Enneagram Type Nine: Career Ideas for the Peacemaker

Enneagram Type 9s arenatural mediators who crave peace in their inner and outer life. That's why I advise type nines to avoid jobs that are inherently built around conflict like a divorce attorney or an investment banker. Instead, I would look for a job where the work environment is even-keel and focused on teamwork. Type Nines are SO GOOD at getting along with a diverse group of people so when you are asked in an interview what your strengths are... that's one of them! You build bridges and bring people together.

  • Some careers that require mediation are a human resources manager or a public relations executive. This trait, along with a 9's flexibility and creativity, is also what makes Type Nines amazing educators. Consider a career as a teacher, a script writer or a community outreach position for an educational YouTuber, or in church ministry.
  • Type Nines are also a good fit for the mental health field. These jobs require compassion, critical thinking, active listening, and patience: all things 9s are great at! Some careers would be a therapist, a psychologist, clinical social worker, or a psychiatric nurse.
  • I also think that Type Nines would be really happy just to work with animals. Because when animals are your co-workers, you don't really need to worry about office politics. Some animal-centric careers for Nines would be a wildlife biologist, veterinarian, or a shelter advocate.
  • Nines are creatures of habit. They like structure and routine because it creates a comforting predictability! I have a few Nines in my life who find that behind the scenes writing jobs provide that comfort and structure, while also allowing room for creativity. Some possible jobs would be a book ghost writer, a copywriter, or a grant writer.

The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst) (11)

Enneagram Type Eight: Career Suggestions for The Challenger

Enneagram Type Eights crave intensity and power. They like having control over their circ*mstances so that they can protect themselves and the people they love. As employees, Eights are HUGE ASSETS. These people get it done!!

In "The Road Back to You", authors Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile write, "Corporate America worships Eights. They're people like Jack Welch, the former chairman of GE, whose infamous candor and hard-hitting leadership style grew General Electric's bottom line exponentially..."

Although, unfortunately, we live in a patriarchal society. So if you are a FEMALE Enneagram Eight, you are actually going to meet resistance in the corporate world. If that applies to you, I highly recommend watching my Female Enneagram Eight video linked here.

  • Some jobs that Type Eights would just DOMINATE are: prosecutors, defense attorneys, college sports coach, investment banker, acting agent, politician, ship captain, TV producer, or marketing executive. And while we’re talking marketing exec, I want to note that Type Eights would be perfect for basically any type of Executive or someone who leads a team!
  • Type Eights are also fearless troubleshooters. They are well-suited for jobs that don't always have the most security because Eights are tenacious enough to get through the scary parts of a more unstable career. Those would look like: journalist, theater and film actor, event planner, or running a start-up.
  • The WORST kind of career for a Type Eight is anywhere they are under-paid, under-valued, and their potential isn't utilized. This is any job where there isn't room for growth and where the Eight would easily get bored and frustrated. This might be a retail worker, a truck driver, or just working under a toxic boss who doesn't believe in you.

The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst) (12)

Enneagram Type Seven: Best Careers for the Optimist

As we all know, Enneagram Sevens are both dreamers and doers. They have the amazing ability to see things in 100 different ways, envision a company's future, motivate teams, and bring enthusiasm to any job. The best type of career for you would be one that allows you to do a lot of different things in a fast-paced environment where your creativity and flexibility is valued.

  • Some jobs that are perfect for you are a physical therapist, publicist, hair and makeup stylist, recruiter, restaurant manager, and a criminal investigator. These jobs require you to work directly with other people and use a variety of different skills in everyday life.
  • Other jobs I recommend for Sevens is anything TRAVEL. Type Sevens long for freedom and traveling from one place to the next helps a Seven never feel trapped or deprived. Some examples are a travel writer, pilot, flight attendant, cruise ship performer, international aid worker, or an English teacher in China.
  • As a freelancer myself, I can attest that freelance jobs are a great fit for those with free spirits and a drive to go after things that make them happy. Freelancing gives you the freedom to make your own schedule and travel wherever and whenever you want. Some examples of jobs that could be freelance are: photographer, DJ, Enneagram coach, writer, musician, virtual assistant, graphic designer, or content creator.

The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst) (13)

Enneagram Type Six: Best Jobs for The Loyalist

Enneagram Sixes are the people you absolutely want on your side. They thrive in supported careers and will bring a questioning mind to any problem. So, you guessed it, they make EXCELLENT troubleshooters.

  • Here are some jobs that require problem-solving: education administrator, epidemiologist, administrative law judge, soil and plants scientist, midwife, or a preventive-medicine physician.
  • I would also recommend that Sixes work in hospitality careers. These types of jobs operate on organization and collaboration. Types 6s would make a dependable and thorough concierge, wedding planner, Sommelier, guest services supervisor, housekeeper, or hotel manager.
  • Some work environments to avoid are anyplace where questions are frowned-upon or where there is a rotating door of coworkers. You want to look for a reliable environment that feels warm and supportive.

The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst) (14)

Enneagram Type Five: Ideal Careers for The Investigator

These Enneagram 5 folks LOVE LEARNING and they arm themselves with knowledge like protective armor as they go out into the world. They thrive in roles that require clear analytical minds and predictability.

  • Careers I recommend for Fives are app and game designer, nuclear engineer, data analyst, professor, librarian, computer programmer, or a scientific researcher of any kind!
  • In "The Road Back to You," authors Stabile and Cron point out that Type Fives remain calm in crisis so they would make a great emergency room doctor or EMT.
  • Another career that would support a Five's strengths is anything in cybersecurity. This includes skills like data analysis, precision, and project management.
  • Work environments to avoid would be anything with a lot of pointless meetings that could've been emails or a boss that micromanages everything you do.

The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst) (15)

Enneagram Type Four: Possible Career Paths for the Romantic

Enneagram Type Fours needs to find careers that serve a purpose. They need to feel unique, special, and like their work holds significance.

  • Because of this, a lot of Fours find fulfillment in the arts. These careers are anything from an actor, director, writer, painter, filmmaker, tattoo artist, dancer, or musician.
  • And if you're not interested in the arts, but still want to use your imagination and creativity for work, there are tons of careers that involve innovation and an eye for beauty. Think: interior decorator, creative writing teacher, landscape architect, social media manager making content for a brand you love.
  • Fours are also uniquely qualified to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. That's why working with people who are hurt and broken would be a viable career option - not only because it's in your skillset, but also because it serves a higher purpose. Careers like that would be a therapist, grief counselor, or spiritual director.
  • On the cautionary side of things, I would stay away from work environments that limit your voice and that play it safe. You want a place where you will be taken seriously and have the freedom to express yourself.

The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst) (16)

Enneagram Type Three: Excellent Careers for the Achiever

Work and career... that is an Enneagram Type Three's JAM. So if you're a3 reading this, I bet you've been thinking about what careers are best for you since you were a teenager. More than any other type, Threes crave success and recognition in whatever field they tackle. That could look like a Stay-at-home-parent or a Surgeon.

  • Threes thrive in competitive work environments with clear measures of success. Because of this, Threes are incredible salespeople, whether that be a boutique owner or a software sales rep. Literally any type of sales is good for a Three.
  • I also recommend careers that are challenging. Otherwise, the Enneagram Three is going to get bored and frustrated. Think: lawyer, literary agent, surgeon, financial advisor, entrepreneur, marketing director, podcast host, film producer, or an athlete.
  • The pitfall for Threes is when work becomes your entire identity. Be careful to set boundaries in place so that you can pursue a healthy work-life balance.

The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst) (17)

Enneagram Type Two: Perfect Jobs for The Helper.

Twos are highly skilled at interpersonal relations and building community. They've spent their entire life learning how to intuitively read a room and help others shine.

  • So Twos naturally excel at people-centered careers like a nurse, hospice care, chaplain, doula, human resources manager, pharmacist, fitness trainer, or a substance abuse counselor.
  • Other careers I recommend are preserving memories for others like an engagement and wedding photographer or a translator. I also know that Twos are amazing teachers, whether that be at the preschool or university level.
  • Jobs to avoid would be anything with little human interaction and where their boss ignores their good work. Twos want to find a work environment where they will be acknowledged and appreciated for their effort.

The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst) (18)

Enneagram Type One: Splendid Career Paths for the Perfectionist

Enneagram Type Ones are detail-oriented people who are great at organization and leadership. Roles in civil service focused on reformation can help a Type One feel personally fulfilled.

  • Careers like a judge, activist, disaster program manager for the Red Cross, social worker, or law enforcement officer.
  • It's hard to find individuals who are as precision-focused as Type Ones. Careers like a cardiologist, architect, auditor, museum archivist, treasurer, and software designer all depend on execution and detail orientation. I don't know about you, but I would want my cardiologist to be a Type One.
  • Positions to avoid would be anything where the goals and tasks aren't clear or are constantly shifting. Type Ones will feel more secure when they're working with a set schedule and clear responsibilities.

The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst) (19)

There’s a career out there that’s right for you. All you have to do is be you.

The Enneagram of Personality can help you find peace in your career because it helps you align your strengths with viable jobs. If you’re at a crossroads with your career right now, take a deep dive into your Enneagram type. Look at your weaknesses and fears. Look at your longings and desires. Below is a video with more ideas that will show you the absolute worst jobs for your Enneagram type and then some more suggestions for good ones!

Happy Discovering!

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The Best Careers for Each Enneagram Type (and some of the worst) (2024)
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