Hair Removal | North Bristol NHS Trust (2024)

At the Bristol Laser Centre we offer laser hair removal for both men and women. Areas that can be treated include:Face - top lip, chin, cheeks, neck, legs, bikini line, underarms, arms, back, shoulders, chest, breasts, and abdomen.

There are many ways you can remove your unwanted hair but laser hair removal is quick and effective, with long-lasting and in many cases permanent results. Many people who have suffered with facial hair problems for years find their confidence and quality of life improves a lot when they no longer have to worry about removing their hair every day.

Our Alexandrite laser is very good for controlling dark hair on fair skins and usually gives permanent hair reduction.

We also have the long pulsed NdYAG laser, which is safe to use for laser treatment on darker skin types. It is good for controlling coarse dark hair but may not be so effective on fine hair.Laser treatment does not work on white or blond hair.

4-6 treatments are usually required initially to maximise the hair control. Many people then have top-up treatments once or twice a year to keep the hair growth at a minimum.

Your skin will need to be looked after carefully after each appointment but any redness usually settles down within a day or two. You should wear a high factor sunblock on the area before and throughout the course of laser treatment and do not use sun beds or false tans.

If you have a heavy suntan it may be necessary to defer your treatment.

You may continue to shave or cut the hair but you should not wax or pluck the hair or use depilatory creams during the course of laser treatment.

Before (left) after (right) hair removal.

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Laser treatment for hair removal is not usually funded on the NHS. The Exceptional Funding Panel in your local area may consider funding for patients with unusually severe conditions or exceptional circ*mstances. If you think you may be eligible for NHS treatment please discuss this with your GP who may be able to apply to the local funding panel on your behalf.If you are not eligible for NHS treatment you can choose to self-fund your laser treatment at the Bristol Laser Centre.

TheBristol Laser Centreoffers a sensitive,personal, honestapproach to your laser treatment needs. An initial self-funded consultation, at £120, with our specialist doctor is always required to discuss your specific needs.

We may then offer you a ‘test patch’, which shows how well you may respond to laser treatment for hair removal. Once you have had a test patch and it has shown that laser treatment will help, you can start to have regular treatment sessions.

Hair removal laser treatments with an experienced doctor or nurse start from£65per session.

If you're bothered by unwanted hair, and would like to consider laser treatments, call to book a consultation to find out more about how our hair removal laser treatments may benefit you.

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Hair Removal | North Bristol NHS Trust (2024)
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